Bike for the Future Ride – October 17th

We are hosting the 3rd in our Bike for the Future rides this Sunday, October 17th. This time we are riding through the Wolseley and River Heights neighbourhoods. Please note that COVID-19 restrictions on group size mean we are not able to to ride as a single large group for this ride. To keep our group size(s) below the 50 allowed for a community event, we will be embarking on the tour as a number of smaller groups (see below).

If you can’t get into one of these groups, we are asking that your ride the route as an individual or family. We want to ensure everyone’s safety. We thank you for your understanding.

The Route

Leave Vimy Ridge Park via the south east corner.  Ride east on Preston to Canora Street.  Ride south on Canora.  Just south of Westminster, turn west into the backlane.  Follow the lane south running parallel along Canora St.  Making this slight detour through the back lane allows you to see some of the incredible Kal Barteski’s Back Alley Arctic art on garages and fences.

Turn east back to Canora out of the backlane .  South to Wolseley.  West on Wolseley.  North on Raglan Rd. Ride west into the parking lot at Portage Ave.  Ride west on the sidewalk parallel to Portage to path back into Omand’s creek park.  West at the railway crossing.  Continue traveling west on Wolseley ave W.   Follow the road under route 90. Ride through the parking lot to Riverbend Cres.  Ride west on Riverbend Crescent.  Ride west through Jae Eadie Park (at bend where Riverbend heads north.  The path is beside 148 Riverbend Crescent). 

Ride south on Parkside Dr.  which turns into Assiniboine Ave (continue west on Assiniboine Ave).  Ride west through Bourkevale Park.  On Douglas Park Road, head west on the path just north of 104 Douglas Park Rd.  Ride through west through Bruce Park. Ride west on Deer Lodge Pl.  At the bridge into Assiniboine Park ride south into Assiniboine Park.  Head east along the multi use path running parallel to the Assiniboine River toward Wellington Crescent.  Follow Wellington Crescent East.  Finish around Harrow. 

You may choose to return home via Wolseley by heading west on Wellington Crescent and crossing the active transportation bridge that runs parallel to the rail line just east of route 90.

Please don’t congregate in groups of more than 50! 

Route map for October 17th Bike for the Future Ride

COVID-19 Precautions/Modifications

Due to Covid-19 restrictions on group size, we will be limiting the number of people in the ride(s) to about 30 people per group, and will send groups out as soon as we reach that maximum group size.

We hope to get 2 groups of 30 sent out, but since we have a limited number of ride marshals to oversee the ride, beyond that second (and possibly a third) group, we are asking that people arriving once those groups have left participants should ride the route as individuals or as family groups.

If you don’t see us when you arrive at Vimy Ridge Park, it likely means that we’ve reached our maximum group size and left on the ride. If that’s the case, we encourage you to ride the route as an individual, or in a family group.

And of course, you’re free to ride the route as individuals or as a family group at any time!