What a week, friends!
If you’ve ever wondered what your $20/year membership fee contributes to, this past week provides a clear picture. We had the opportunity to participate in crucial discussions at the provincial level and were also represented in a delegation at the City Public Works Committee. Interestingly, Mark Cohoe’s delegation wasn’t focused on bikes but rather on pedestrian-oriented traffic design at the corner of Osborne and River.
Executive Director, Mark has gained the respect, support and trust of countless elected officials and public servants over the years, as a thoughtful, intelligent and pragmatic voice of the cycling community and a supporter of all active transportation modes. As Mayor Gillingham puts it, “Even when we don’t always agree on city policy, we’ve always been able to have a good relationship.”
If nothing else, this week emphasized the ongoing need for education and outreach efforts. There’s still much work to be done.
Your membership, donations, and volunteer hours empower us to advocate effectively, garner respect, and engage with decision-makers.Thank you for your continued support.

You can attend the AGM in person or online.
Yet another reminder that the AGM is happening this week, on Tuesday (April 16)!

If you’re attending in person, note that you can ride your bike and park it indoors! We’ll have someone waiting for you at the door to let you in and show you where to park.If you are going to attend online, remember that you will not be able to vote. We have offered this option in the past, during the height of the pandemic, but it’s not an easy process to ensure a fair virtual election of board directors.And this year, for the first time in a long time, we have more candidates than spots, which is super exciting! 

There are two ways that you can join online: 1. Facebook Live, and 2. YouTube Livestream.

Remember to read the report and review the candidates, so that we can get straight to business!

Oh and here’s the Agenda!