Riding in Winnipeg

Group of people riding bikes down a treed street.
Getting from here to there on a bike is much easier if you know the way to go! If you’re used to driving or busing, you might not realize that there are dozens of different routes you can take with your bike—many of them are out of traffic and often quicker. There are a few great tools available, and with the right knowledge of how best to use them, you’ll be gliding across town in no time.
  • City of Winnipeg Bicycle Maps
  • Google Maps Bicycle Directions
  • Open Streets Map

City of Winnipeg Bike Map Logo
White bike on green backgroundDownload the Cyclists Map of Winnipeg

You can pick up a free printed copy of the City of Winnipeg Cycling Map at one of these locations:

  • Millennium Library
  • Travel and Tourism outlets
    (Broadway, Forks Market Road, Portage)
  • Sport Manitoba Library – Sport for Life Centre
    145 Pacific Avenue
  • Winnipeg Trails Association
    235-614 Des Meurons
  • Natural Cycle Bikeshop
    91 Albert Street
  • Bikes and Beyond
    233 Henderson Hwy.
  • Woodcock Cycle
    433 St Marys Rd.
  • Olympia
    1813 Portage Ave.
    326 St Mary’s Rd.
  • Alter Ego Sports
    1-1585 Kenaston Boulevard
  • Life Sport
    411 Pembina Hwy.
  • Sampsons
    525 Pembina Hwy.
  • Royal Sports
    650 Raleigh St.
    750 Pembina Hwy.
  • Corydon Cycle and Sport
    753 Corydon Ave.
  • Prairie Vélo
    967 Wolseley Ave.
  • University of Manitoba

Note: Available while supplies last.

Google maps has a bicycle layer to help you navigate by bicycle in Winnipeg (not showing).
Using Google Bike Directions

Open Street Map (OSM) is an open source mapping initiative with world wide coverage. There is a cycling layer that consists of information contributed by local people.

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