City Wide Policy Priorities

To help Council Candidates and Voters better understand cycling policy and infrastructure project priorities, Bike Winnipeg has put together a number of policy and infrastructure recommendations that we hope can be moved forward in the next term of council.

Adopt Policies to Get More People Walking and Cycling

Adopt a Vision Zero Policy

Improve Accommodation of People on Foot & Bikes During Construction Work

Include New or Improved Walking & Cycling Connections in Developer Agreements

Maintain Our Walking and Cycling Networks Year Round

Maintain Winnipeg’s Walking & Cycling Networks in Winter

Reinstate Fall Street Sweeping

Prioritize Line Painting on Streets with Bike Lanes

Fund the Development of Winnipeg’s Walking and Cycling Network

Make Development of the Walking & Cycling Networks a Federal Funding Priority

Increase Funding for Regional & Local Streets Sidewalk Renewals

Create a Pedestrian & Cycling Program Crossing Reserve

Adopt & Fund a Monitoring Program to Focus Investments

Get More People Walking and Cycling

Establish a Targeted Marketing/Individualized Marketing Campaign

Continue and Expand Funding for BEST Program

Continue & Expand Funding for The W.R.E.N.C.H.

Provide Staffing Needed to Implement Pedestrian & Cycling Strategies