Provencher Protected Bike Lanes

The Provencher Protected Bike Lanes project would narrow the median on Provencher to make space for protected bike lanes and wider boulevards along Provencher. The wider boulevards could be dedicated to expanded patio space or additional landscaping features to improve the pedestrian experience along Provencher Boulevard.

Concept Diagrams

  • Highlights
    • Improves the transition between Esplanade Riel and Provnecher
      • Adds a two stage turn queue @ Tache to provide westbound cyclists with safe access to Esplanade Riel
      • Improves sight lines for eastbound cyclists transitioning from Esplanade Riel onto Provencher
      • Adds curb cuts on the pork chop island at Tache and Provencher to
    • Adds Parking Protected Bike Lanes to Provencher between Tache and Des Meurons
    • Widens boulevard space along Provencher to increase space for patios and landscaping
    • Retains a tree lined median along Provencher
    • Retains most parking along Provencher
    • Improves the connection between Thibault/Des Meurons and the Dumoulin Park Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge over the Seine River
    • Raises flood prone sections of pathway in Dumoulin Park
  • Estimated Cost: $1,030,000

Provencher Protected Bike Lanes Project (in green)

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