U of W Connectivity

The U of W Connectivity Improvements project will build a set of short bikeways and modify intersections on or around the University of Winnipeg to remove barriers and improve connectivity into and through the University of Winnipeg Campus.

The project will make use of innovative designs to connect bike routes to the west, south and northeast of the University of Winnipeg campus. With over 10,000 students (16% of whom bike to the campus), the development of quality connections into the University of Winnipeg campus will be a tremendous benefit to the city’s bicycle network.

U of W Connectivity Improvements

Bikes parked outside the U of W

  • Highlights
    • Creates a connection to Spence Street & St. Mary Avenue
    • Creates a connection to Qu’Appelle via Ellice, Spence and Isabel
      • Links to the Hargrave Carlton Bike Lanes
    • Creates a Connection between St. Mathews and the U of W Campus
  • Estimated Cost: $2,200,000

Components of the U of W Connectivity Improvements Project (in green)

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