Winnipeg Beach Greenway

The Winnipeg Beach Greenway project is a rail to trail conversion that would see the CPR Winnipeg Beach rail line relocated to allow for the development of a linear park running 7.75km from the city’s northern boundary to the CPR Yards just south of the the McPhillips Street Casino. It has been identified as an active transportation route with significant potential since the 1970’s

Connecting Winnipeg’s North End

Connecting to a dozen schools and nearly half a dozen community centers along its route, the Winnipeg Beach Greenway will pass through an area of the city identified in the pedestrian and cycling strategy as having some of the highest potential to increase rates of cycling and walking. As a former rail right of way, the corridor benefits from a limited number of road crossings and is oriented towards major employment centers such as the St. James and Inkster Industrial Parks, adding to its convenience.

Winnipeg Beach Greenway Catchment Area Includes 50,000

With over 50,000 residents located with a 5 minute ride of this magnificently connected right of way, the Winnipeg Beach Greenway will need to be built to a high standard with an expectation for high volumes of foot and bicycle traffic.

  • Highlights
    • Relocation of Rail Line Allows for the Development of a Linear Park
    • Minimal Number of Road Crossings will Translate into a safe, convenient and direct route
    • Connectivity
      • Links to a Dozen Schools
      • Links to Half a Dozen Community Centres & Arenas
      • Provides easy access to Kildonan Park via Armstrong
      • Easy Access to Inkster & St. James Industrial Parks
      • Shopping
        • River Grove Shopping Centre
        • Garden City Shopping Centre
        • Northgate Shopping Centre
      • Traverses a grid street network
    • 50,000 reside within an easy five minute ride of this corridor
  • Estimated Cost: $24,000,000 (including cost of rail relocation)

The proposed Winnipeg Beach Greenway (in green)

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