Bicycle Parking Survey

Apologies, Bike Winnipegers! The survey link shared in the previous newsletter was a test survey and has now been retired. Please use the following NEW link for the survey:

SURVEY LINK: http://s.alchemer-ca.com/s3/8c599936f78e

About the survey:

Bike Winnipeg wants to reduce barriers to biking in Winnipeg, especially across downtown, to encourage active lifestyles via a sustainable mode of transportation. We believe that a big part of building this culture is access to a diversity of safe and secure bicycle parking while you live, work and play in Downtown Winnipeg.

We are conducting a survey to understand:

1.      Current bicycle parking usage downtown

2.      Barriers to and needs for secure bicycle parking in downtown

3.      Potential areas for improvement to enhance the bicycling experience downtown

Please help us understand the ground realities of bicycling and bicycle parking downtown via this survey and vet some ideas we have brewing! Survey closes on May 1st, 2024.

Sorry for the inconvenience and we would appreciate your participation!