Bike Map Update

We are happy to announce that a new edition of Winnipeg’s cycling map is in the works! It’s been a while since version 6 of the cycling map was published, and many new cycling facilities have been created since then.

Beyond being able to add new features to the cycling map, this update also provides us with the opportunity to fix any errors or omissions that currently exist in the map. We need your help to get these errors or omissions fixed. While City staff will know what infrastructure has been added to the cycling network since version 6 of the map was published in 2017/2018, you can provide information like missing pathways or cut-throughs that create connections, or contribute informal routes along low stress roadways that fill gaps in the networks in the current map.

If you have an addition or correction to recommend, please email mark@bikewinnipeg.ca with a description of the correction or addition, and we will pass the information along to the City staff working on the map update.

For reference, here is a link to the current map.