Bike Network Priorities for the 2024-2027 Budget

Bike Winnipeg’s Local Bike Groups (LBGs) have worked through the year to put together a set of cycling infrastructure priorities for each of the city’s wards. The priorities listed and mapped for each of the wards are guided by the network principles outlined in the CROW Design Manual for Bicycle Traffic:

  • Cohesion (Connectivity)
  • Directness
  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Attractiveness

As the mayor and council develop a four year budget that will determine the city’s priorities from 2024 until 2027, Bike Winnipeg will be advocating to ensure that funding for local cycling priority projects is included in that four year budget.

Getting these projects built will require substantial investment from all three levels of government. We will be advocating for that funding at all three levels of government.

See the full list of network priorities and requested changes to the network here…