Bike Week

Bike Week
We will be sending more emails to remind you of each ride, but jot this down in your fridge calendars, palm pockets*, phone calendars or whatever you use so you don’t miss any rides!

Bike To the Future, June 9, 11 AMBezhig Miigwan, One Feather w/ Momenta, June 9, 1 PM

U of W Group Ride, June 10, 6:30 PM

Bike to Work Day, June 11, 7 AM

Bike Winnipeg Southwest LBG/Bourkevale Group Ride, June 12, 7 PM

Bike Winnipeg Northeast Local Bike Group’s Coffee and Ice Cream Ride, June 13, 7 PM

Kidical Mass, June 15, 11 AM

Bike Week Bash “That’s a Wrap!”, June 15, 1 PM

And one extra one that doesn’t happen during Bike Week but I wanted you to save the date because it’s kind of Fancy! Fancy Women Bike Ride, June 23, 3 PM