BttF Submission on Green Prosperity Act

Charles Feaver, Bike to the Future’s provincial chair, has put together a thorough and thoughtful response to the Province of Manitoba’s call for feedback on their Green Prosperity Act consultation workbook.

BttF’s submission makes clear that sustainability requires a commitment from government for communities designed to encourage cycling, with a cycling network that provides safe and convenient routes to all destinations.  Furthermore, we state to achieve sustainability, changes to how our communities and our transportation infrastructure are designed so that greener forms of travel are more convenient than the personal motor vehicle.

Key requests included in our submission are:

  • the establishment of a provincial sustainability auditor reporting to the Legislature
  • that transportation and community planning be subject to sustainability evaluation
  • emphasizing the importance of enhancing the health and well-being of the population in the acts principles
  • setting firm sustainability goals

The full submission can be read here.