BttF’s Submission on the 2013 Provincial Budget

Bike to the Future calls on the Government of Manitoba to break out of the pattern of increasing motor vehicle dependency by reallocating its transportation expenditures in urban areas to support active transportation, so as to and achieve:

  • Environmental sustainability,
  • Improved public health,
  • Lower long costs to taxpayers in the long term, and
  • Better quality of life

Now is the time to change transportation priorities, and make Manitoba a healthier, wealthier and happier province. Bike to the Future recommends that the 2013 budget allocate resources to:

  • Implement the recommendations of the “Greater Strides” report,
  • Provide significant resources over multiple years across departments to improve the safety and convenience of cycling in towns and urban areas,
  • Reduce motor vehicle dependency,
  • Evaluate and analyze the impacts of various transportation modes on provincial finances, health, and economic activity.

Read the full submission here.