Bike Winnipeg Admin

This page is for Bike Winnipeg administrative material. It is not linked to the main menu so you have to bookmark (or remember) it separately:

This page is not public but is not secured either–it can be found by “searching” for terms here. A more private set of pages can be created if we want.

Board Members – current and past

Download a PDF copy (No current copy available.)

This spreadsheet shows Board Member terms, offices they hold, and relevant dates. The current information is in the top dozen or so lines. Below that is largely a history of who went where when. People will appear on more than one line as they move in and out of various offices.

Committee mailing lists

The “View” link will take you to the mailing list Home Page. Use the “Mail to” link to create an email for the list.

Much of the Home Page will seem obscure (due to the antiquity of the Mailman program) but the maling list owner may have added some descriptive information here. A list of subscribers and an archive of messages previously sent to the list may or may not be available for each list.

From the Home Page you can link to an administrative page. This will require a password and will give you can access many options some of which can really mess things up. Don’t go there unless you know what you are doing.

Mailing group Home page Create an eMail
Board View bw-board@lists.bikewinnipeg.ca
Advocacy View advocacy@lists.bikewinnipeg.ca
Membership View membership@lists.bikewinnipeg.ca
Fundraising View fundraising@lists.bikewinnipeg.ca
Education View education@lists.bikewinnipeg.ca>
Executive View executive@lists.bikewinnipeg.ca
Finance View finance@lists.bikewinnipeg.ca
Policy View policy@lists.bikewinnipeg.ca
Outreach View outreach@lists.bikewinnipeg.ca

Volunteer time reporting form

Our volunteers are a valuable resource. This form is to record the contribution they make.

A record of how much volunteer work Bike Winnipeg attracts and consumes is a measure of our strength as an organization.

Monitoring the volunteer effort required for various projects helps us make more effective use of the time people offer us.