Candidates for Board Positions Board of Directors of Bike Winnipeg

Zach Rempel

Zach Rempel, M.A. Natural Resources Management, is a climate change policy analyst and a lifelong Manitoban. Zach supports climate policy that makes our lives better by creating beautiful public spaces with bike lanes and efficient transit. Zach is passionate about urban design and wants to see Winnipeg fulfil its potential as a hidden gem of a prairie town. 

Zach is a board member of the Manitoba eco-network and is inspired into organizing from a visit to co-operatives in Barcelona. He writes and presents on economics and climate change policy. 

Zach has been commuting around Winnipeg on bicycle for his entire life. He also loves a good bike jam. In his spare time you can find Zach reading books, playing sports, and daydreaming about permaculture. 

Andrew Single

I am a career Information Technologist with over twenty years of experience in the educational and not-for-profit sectors. I have worked as the Divisional Network Administrator for the Frontier School Division since 2008 where I manage a team of 5 remote staff, and help provide technology solutions for many Northern and remote schools in Manitoba. A partner Jodi and I have lived in the West End since 2003, and have 3 children ages 15, 17, and 19. I am a passionate advocate for drug reform, harm reduction, active living, and evidence-based public policy. I joined the board of Nine Circles Community Health Centre in 2016 and am finishing my final term this summer so I will have volunteer time I’d like to dedicate to Bike Winnipeg. I participate in community running and cycling groups in Winnipeg and support the MS Society as a bike patrol volunteer in their run & bike tour events.

Doug Hilderman

My passion is working in a safe and inclusive space, where wellness and cycling are available to everyone. By promoting the benefits of cycling at all levels, and by working with stakeholders at all levels of industry and government we can create a healthier and more connected cycling infrastructure. Through my work and recreation, I have been able to lead and encourage people to try new things, see the benefits of cycling, and being active and develop goals and actionable plans. I believe that if we make it easier, more convenient and safer we will be able to encourage more cycling.  

Leslie Parisien

Leslie (they/them), a two-spirited Indigenous individual, serves as a co-manager at Marymound School, seamlessly integrating bike education with traditional teachings. Their passion for cycling and bike repair stems from years of experience, beginning with their journey at Ralph Brown Community Centre. As a senior mechanic at The WRENCH, Leslie honed their skills, eventually co-managing the flagship program, Abinoojiuk Abi, at Marymound School. Here, they mentor Indigenous youth in the school’s bike shop, embodying a spirited champion of people through teaching and hands-on repair work. Leslie’s dedication extends beyond the workshop, as they are an active volunteer at music festivals and various community events. They believe in leaving the world better than they found it, advocating for safe transportation and accessibility to all communities. Notably, in 2023, Leslie transformed an old pedicab to support Marymound’s bike program and contribute to environmental sustainability during Bike Jams. Known for their organizational prowess and interpersonal skills, Leslie has earned admiration for their operation of repair stands at community events, fostering rapport with members of the community. Their mantra, “Les is more,” epitomizes their pragmatic approach to bike repair and their commitment to making a positive impact. As they aspire to join Bike Winnipeg’s board, Leslie seeks to amplify their advocacy for marginalized bike enthusiasts and contribute their expertise to the organization’s mission. With a broad experience base and a heart dedicated to building a more inclusive city, Leslie is indeed a cargo bike pragmatist and a champion for all who share their love for cycling.

Current Board members up for Re-election

Adam Johnston

A member of the Red River Metis nation, and current co-chair of the North East Bike Winnipeg Local Bikes Group (LBG).  I am seeking a second term on the board of directors. I have gained extensive experience during my first two years being on the board and on the NE LBG, including facilitating engagement, and policy advocacy. I would like to continue to work towards making Winnipeg a more accessible and inclusive city for active transportation, especially amongst our Indigenous population. I have extensive experience in tax preparation, and communications. I When I am not working I am volunteering for Climate Reality Project as a climate leader in advocating for real solutions to the climate crisis, and Harvest Manitoba in helping to fight poverty.I host a weekly show on 101.5 UMFM called Not Necessarily The Automobile which focuses on public and active transportation. I am also the lead mentor for Manitoba with Climate Reality Project Canada.  

I have a BA in Economics and Rhetoric and Communications from the University of Winnipeg,Certificates in Renewable Energy, and Climate Policy and Practices from the University of Toronto. I am currently completing my Public Relations Diploma from the University of Victoria.

Luke Lorentz

Current Treasurer of Bike Winnipeg with varied international travel and work experience. After living and working in Australia and New Zealand and travelling around the world, I returned to Canada and settled in Winnipeg, obtained my CPA designation and have been living and working in the city for the last 11 years.

Throughout my time in Winnipeg I have worked as a controller at a large grain organization and quite recently I have moved to the nonprofit sector working as a Finance Manager for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (an organization that focuses on combating global hunger). 

Living in Fort Garry, I am blessed with the large number of parks, greenways and cycling opportunities. My cycling commutes to and from work are one of my favorite times of the day. Winnipeg has so much potential to further expand its cycling network, to make cycling more inclusive and to ensure all of our city residents are able to safely commute year round.

Robyn Dyck

Robyn Dyck (she/her), B.Sc, M.Sc in Atmospheric Science from the University of Manitoba and works as a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada. She has been an avid cyclist for as long as she can remember and supports making commuting by bike more sustainable for Winnipeggers. After many marathons resulted in many injuries, she switched to triathlons. She has a Specialized road bike used for racing and a very poorly kept commuter bike used most days in the summer and some winters. With her 4 year old toddler in tow, he now demands for ‘bike rides’ in his trailer and on-bike kiddo seat. 

Since she has been on the board she has been chairing the Fundraising committee focusing on grants, donation and membership campaigns and sponsorship.

She has previously volunteered with Greenpeace Winnipeg, Cystic Fibrosis Winnipeg and been on the board of the Old Saint Boniface Residents’ association. She also enjoys riding motorcycles during Winnipeg’s short summers.

Corey Dyck

Corey (he/him) is running for re-election to the board for his second term. Corey has been a board member and volunteer for Bike Winnipeg since 2021. He established the Measurement, Audit, and Compliance (MAC) working group which helps provide Bike Winnipeg with an additional layer of review over their financials, and helps to monitor and mitigate risks that the organization faces. He has also recently joined the executive as a co-chair. 

Corey Dyck, CPA, CA, is an accountant who resides in Winnipeg. He specializes in developing audit methodologies and policies for a mid-size professional services firm with a focus on sustainability assurance and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting. Corey has previously served as treasurer of another Winnipeg not-for-profit organization. 

Corey believes that more connected bike networks and more bike infrastructure will increase the livability for all Winnipeggers and contribute to a better functioning planet. He enjoys biking for pleasure and for commuting and is a big fan of the Southwest Transit Corridor Bike Path. He and his partner love fostering dogs. He also enjoys playing soccer and ultimate and enjoys a good local craft beer or coffee.