Coffee Outside

Coffee Outside – by Ian McCausland
One of my personal goals when joining the board of Bike Winnipeg was finding new ways to foster a sense of community.
I’ve worked with others on the Communications group to implement and utilize new technology like our Discord server. It’s an online way to connect with everyone and to share ideas and experiences on our cycling journey. (Please if you haven’t yet joined the discord, hit the link and dive in.)
This past winter while attending the Winter Cycling Congress in Edmonton, I had the opportunity to experience the phenomenon called “Coffee Outside.” It was something I had read about but experiencing first hand convinced me to bring the idea to Winnipeg. 
What is Coffee Outside?  It’s a weekly meet-up where we gather outside on Fridays, from 7 to 9 AM, drink a bit of coffee, then get on with our day. It’s a chance to stop and enjoy the morning on our commute. It’s a great way to share the ideas, the routes, the experiences and most importantly the joy of bike life, face-to-face.
We’ll set it up at probably the busiest intersection on our city’s bike network: the corner of Assiniboine Ave and Garry St, by Bonnycastle Park.
How long you stop is up to you. You can smile and wave, stop and have a quick coffee and move on or hang out the entire time.
I would love to see you there! Our first day will be May 17, but stay tuned here, as we’ll remind you once again!