100 x $100 Giving Tuesday Cyclist Challenge

After the consumerism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday is about donating to things that matter.

We are looking for 100+ Winnipeggers who think cycling matters, and will contribute $100 to support cycling advocacy in Winnipeg.

To meet climate targets, Winnipeg must change course NOW to make travel by bicycle safe, convenient and enjoyable, so that more people choose to bike more often.

    The mayor and most of the councilors elected this fall were supportive of cycling in their campaigns.

    Bike Winnipeg needs resources to be there meeting after meeting to remind them:

    • Emissions from transportation account for over half of Winnipeg’s GHG emissions
    • This council must catch up on funding its 2015 pedestrian/cycling plan. Past councils underspent the plan by more than $60 million.
    • This council must allocate more to Active Transportation infrastructure and maintenance resources in the budget for the coming year
    • This council must include a significant improvements to Active Transportation in the Transportation Master Plan under development to guide road infrastructure investments to 2050.

    100+ Winnipeg cyclists giving $100 for safer cycling on Giving Tuesday will send strong a message.

    Double your impact: HTFC Planning and Design will match ten $100 donations.

    Bike Winnipeg’s advocacy work is led by cyclists and funded by cyclists. We will use resources from this campaign to:

    1. Be a constant presence representing cyclists before the new Mayor and Council to ensure they follow up on their promises to allocate sufficient resources to improve Active Transportation infrastructure development and maintenance, and

    2. Launch projects to reduce the loss of bicycles to theft; some combination of better bike parking, better bike registry, and better recovery. We are all suffering the negative effect of bike theft.

    You can help make this possible by donating to Bike Winnipeg, and sharing this message with your friends today.