More People Biking More Often

Bike Winnipeg is a non-profit bicycle advocacy group working to get more people biking more often in Winnipeg.  Bike Winnipeg has consistently advocated for better bicycle facilities, and road safety in Winnipeg since 2007.
Bike Winnipeg Bicycle Advocacy -Safe Passing Campaign bus ad

Bike Winnipeg’s Safe Passing Campaign Bus Ad

Working to Make Cycling In Winnipeg Safe, Enjoyable and Convenient Year Round

We envision a city where cycling is embraced as the preferred mode of transportation, where cycling is integrated into urban design and planning, and where Winnipeg is recognized as a leader in cycling infrastructure and programs.

To realize this vision, we balance our advocacy efforts across the following six categories (widely referred to as the six E’s of cycling):

  • Equity
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Encouragement
  • Enforcement
  • Evaluation

Our Record – A History of Successful Winnipeg Bicycle Advocacy

While we have not always been successful in our advocacy efforts, we have scored many victories that add to the safety, enjoyment and convenience of cyclists across Winnipeg each and every day.

Our successes include the following:

You can read more about our history and successes here.

Join Bike Winnipeg and Help Get More People Biking More Often

As a non-profit, volunteer based organization, we depend on the generous support of cyclists such as yourself to drive our advocacy efforts.

Please consider contributing to Winnipeg bicycle advocacy by joining Bike Winnipeg, making a donation, or by volunteering with us.

Every little bit helps!