Inauguration of Northwest Hydro Corridor Multi-use Path

A momentous day for the whole Winnipeg community, but most importantly Winnipeg North-West, with the inauguration of a brand new Multi-Use Pathway.

Councillor Devi Sharma, Mayor Scott Gillingham, Deputy Mayor Janice Lukes, Tim Coffin – Executive Director – Trails Manitoba, Councillor Vivian Santos, Colleen Galbraith, Manager of Customer Energy Services for Manitoba Hydro were joined by Mark Cohoe and many others as they biked through the ribbon on the newest Northwest Hydro Corridor Multi-use Path.

Sharma, having grown up in the area reminisced about growing up in the area and walking with her mom and siblings to get groceries and how walking around the neighborhood defined her childhood.

We, at Bike Winnipeg, are excited to be a part of projects like this one and also excited that Mayor Gillingham has increased the city’s Active Transportation budget by 300% this year.

Thank you to all levels of government that make projects like this one possible and to all community members who get involved in Bike Winnipeg and who reach out to your local authorities and tell them you want to be able to bike and walk safely where you live.

Thank you to our Executive Director, Mark Cohoe, for getting involved in these projects and seeing them through to fruition, no matter how long they take.

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