Matt Allard – St. Boniface 2018

From the candidate’s website (accessed 5 Oct 2018): “My vision for the future” includes “Supporting public and active transportation in Winnipeg to prepare for moving 1 million people by 2035”.

From Vote Winnipeg 2018 (Winnipeg Free Press) accessed 2 Oct 2018:

Q: “What should Winnipeg’s plan be for the future of public and active transit? No reply

From Winnipeg Votes 2018 (CBC) accessed 17 Oct 2018:

Q: “Where do you stand on the referendum to reopen the Portage and Main intersection to pedestrian traffic?” “I will respect the outcome of the referendum vote, on whether to keep it open or closed to pedestrians.”

The candidate completed the 2018 all-candidate environmental survey: A coalition of Winnipeg Environmental Organizations compiled questions for an all-candidate (Mayoral and Councilor) survey with questions relating to the environment, including AT.