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To help Council Candidates and Voters better understand cycling policy and infrastructure project priorities, Bike Winnipeg has put together a number of policy and infrastructure recommendations that we hope can be moved forward in the next term of council.

Local Priorities for Walking and Biking

The Egerton-Youville-Enfield-St. Jean Baptiste Neighbourhood Greenway would provide Winnipeg with a low stress north/south bike route through the neighbourhoods of Glenwood, Norwood East, Central St. Boniface, and North St. Boniface. Major destinations that would be provided with a connection into the bike network by the Egerton-Youville-Enfield-St. Jean Baptiste Neighbourhood Greenway include:
  • College Louis Riel
  • Notre Dame Recreational Centre
  • Ecole Provencher
  • Bertrand Arena
  • Ecole Henri Bergeron
  • Heather Curling Club
  • Safeway (indirect via Braemar St)
  • Glenwood School (indirect via Blenheim Ave)
  • Glenwood Community Club (indirect via Harrowby Ave)
In the absence of cycling facilities along St. Anne’s Rd or Des Meurons St, the Egerton-Youville-Enfield-St. Jean Baptiste Neighbourhood Greenway can act as an alternative north/south route. The route is almost as direct as Des Meurons (riders on this route should experience less than a minute or two in extra riding time as compared with the Des Meurons route.), and can’t be beaten for its aesthetics.

The Egerton-Youville-Enfield-St-Jean-Baptiste Neighbourhood Greenway will provide Winnipeg with a much needed low stress bike route through neighbourhoods in St. Boniface and St. Vital along some of the city’s most scenic streets.

The 2017 Southeast Corridor study produced a recommended design for the Egerton-Youville-Enfield-St. Jean Baptiste Neighbourhood Greenway, but there is currently no funding in place to follow through with implementation of the recommended design.

Requested Candidate Commitments

  • Commit to funding full implementation the recommended designs of the Southeast Corridor Study for a Neighbourhood Greenway along Egerton St, Youville St, Enfield Cr, and St. Jean Baptiste St.

More Information

Southeast Corridor Study (City of Winnipeg)
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