Bike Winnipeg’s advocacy efforts are grounded in what we hear from supporters like you. Blending our knowledge of best practices with what we hear from members and the community at large, Bike Winnipeg presents background information and bike-friendly recommendations to as many government agencies and related organizations as we can manage with our limited resources, including:

  • Winnipeg City Council, Public Works Committee, and related organizations
  • Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation, Manitoba Health, Manitoba Environment, and related agencies
  • Manitoba Public Insurance, and its regulator, the Public Utilities Board
  • Transport Canada and related agencies

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We post updates on many of these presentations, and most of our submissions are available here.

Every spring, we collect data by running well managed volunteer bike counts that are repeated year after year.  This has allowed us to document the growth of cycling in Winnipeg.  This is important because counts of people waling or biking are often absent during project planning, leading to an undervaluation of waling and biking as means of transportation. Without Bike Winnipeg’s counts, walking and biking are easily forgotten or minimized, and there is often no way to document the latent demand that is embraces a new facility when proper walking and biking infrastructure is included on a corridor.

View the 2015 Bicycle Count Report here. Volunteer assisting with Winnipeg cycle routes