Riding in Winnipeg

So, you’ve decided to give biking around Winnipeg a shot—maybe because it’s a healthier and more pleasant way to get around, or maybe because you want to reduce your carbon footprint. Whatever your reason, we’re glad you found us.

If you’re concerned about how you’ll get from A to B, we can help.


Ride Safe

One of people’s biggest concerns about biking around town is safety. It’s really not that dangerous if you follow a few important tips.

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Know Your Route

Maybe you mostly drive, or maybe the bus is your usual way of getting around. The routes you usually take probably aren’t the best ones for biking.

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Be Prepared

How can I ride my bike if I need to wear a suit? What about rain (or—brrr—snow)? With the right attire and the right gear, you can ride your bike whatever the occasion.

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