Power & Politics Self-Guided Tour

Starts: Balmoral Hall – 630 Westminster
Tour Length: 9km return


This casually-paced tour will take us into the lap of luxury, exploring the beautiful old buildings in Old Winnipeg’s most exclusive neighbourhoods.

It’s no coincidence that many of Winnipeg’s most remarkable mansions are clustered along the Assiniboine River. From Armstrong’s Point to Wellington Crescent, we’ll be tracing the development of this area from backwoods bush to the seat of political and economic power.

We’ll be tracing the history of our city’s early elites: Visiting corrupt land barons, abusive mayors, and a wealthy Metis woman who taught racist writers what “respect” means on the prairies.

Tour Stops

1 – Balmoral Hall – 630 Westminster

2 – Ralph Connor House – 54 West Gate

3 – Cornish Library – 20 West Gate

4 – Gilchrist House – 1015 Wellington Crescent

5 – 579 Wellington Crescent

6 – Salter House/Pioneer Lodge – 1338 Wolseley Ave

7 – Rumford House – 505 Raglan Road

8 – Wolseley School – 511 Clifton Street

9. – McLung House – 97 Chestnut Street

10. – Woodsworth House – 60 Maryland Street

The Pedal into History project was supported by contributions from the Province of Manitoba through the Heritage Grants Program., the City of Winnipeg, and Seven Oaks House Museum. We are grateful for their support.