The Right Bike Lock

Choosing the right bike lock may seem like a small decision, but it can mean the difference between keeping your bike safe and having it stolen.

You need a lock that is difficult to cut through.  In Winnipeg, many thieves are currently operating with large bolt cutters, which can easily cut cables and most chains.  Bike Winnipeg recommends U-locks. Best is a U-lock that cannot be opened when only one side is cut; forcing the thief to cut both sides.

Another important consideration is the locking mechanism. Look for a lock with a secure and reliable locking mechanism that is difficult to pick or tamper with. Keys are better than combos.  Look for locks with keys that don’t seem common and easy to copy.

Most lock manufacturers give a 3 to 10 rating for each of their locks; the higher the number, the more secure the lock.

In the city, your lock is a very important part of your bike.  Be willing to spend some money; think about the impact on your mobility if your bike were stolen.  An ounce of prevention….