Winnipeg Bike Count 2016

bike count graph

Bike Winnipeg’s bike counts from 2007 to 2016 indicate that:

  • On a typical weekday in mid to late spring, an estimated 6,000 cyclists commuted in and out of the downtown area of Winnipeg, and throughout the entire city about 12,600 cyclists commuted on a given day. The total number of individual commuter cyclists in the city would be higher, given that not every cyclist commutes every day.
  • After taking into account location, weather conditions, spring timing and time of day, commuter cycling in Winnipeg peaked in 2014 and has declined slightly over the past two years
  • Even the limited construction of new cycling infrastructure that has occurred since 2009 had a positive impact on the numbers of cyclists in Winnipeg, but this growth has stalled. Growth in cycling numbers has taken place primarily at locations with new bike lanes and multi-user paths, and primarily during the period immediately following the introduction of new infrastructure. The locations with these new bicycle facilities have also seen a reduction in sidewalk riding. On the other hand, major bridges and underpasses that have not yet been improved or which do not have bike lanes continue to push cyclists onto the sidewalks, or to discourage them from riding at all.

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