BttF’s presentation to the Public Utilities Board on Manitoba Public Insurance’s 2013-2014 rate application

Bike to the Future’s Co-Chair, Tom McMahon, appeared before the Manitoba Public Utilities Board (PUB) today to make a presentation on Manitoba Public Insurance’s (MPI) 2013-2014 rate application. The presentation pointed out many actions that MPI could take to increase the safety of cyclists on Manitoba roadways, and asked the PUB to tell MPI to improve and increase its public education for drivers and cyclists.

Afterwards, another presenter told us he thought it was one of the most comprehensive, well-researched presentations he has seen at a PUB hearing. His organization would like a copy of it, and will likely contact us to discuss it.

Thanks to Tom, Charles Feaver (BttF’s Provincial Committee Director), Manitoba Cycling Association President Jason Carter, Anders Swanson, and other BttF volunteers for producing the presentation document (PDF, 14 pages with color diagrams).