Councilor Browaty opposes key AT Through Pass

Brtowaty Opposes AT Trhoughway - Offers More Sprawl as Alternative

Cyclists who live in Councillor Browaty’s riding should call him to set him straight about the need for a safe way to get across the North Perimeter.

During the last election, the NDP promised to build a safe AT crossing of the North Perimeter between Henderson and Highway 59.

We were consulted on the design on of this crossing, and agreed that the proposed plan made most sense within the economic constraints of the larger intersection project.  It offers a safe and convenient route, and provides for both emergency access and access by people on foot or bike.

Councilor Browaty’s campaign to cancel the AT crossing to build more facilities for motor vehicle commuters pushes the wrong priorities.  People who appreciate the virtue of promoting travel by bicycle must make their opinions heard by calling him and tell him to make cycling facilities more of a priority, not less.