Inkster Boulevard Bikeway Backgrounder

While Inkster Boulevard is currently not part of the city’s planned cycling network, we think that it should be. Its wide median (nearly 12m) provides ample room for a bike path. A bike path in the median on Inkster would provide a comfortable, direct connection between the Northwest Hydro Greenway (just west of McPhillips) to the North Winnipeg Parkway (along the western bank of the Red River).

With rehabilitation work between Arlington and McKenzie scheduled for 2022, it makes sense to plan for a preliminary study in 2020 or 2021 to ensure that this work can be included within that project, and complimented with a a bikeway corridor project that could extend the pathway from Main Street to Fife.

Bike path and sidewalk in the median of North Blvd in Baton Rouge.

A potential cross-section for a median bike path along Inkster Blvd.