McPhillips Greenway Takes First Steps

McPhillips Greenway

It was our great pleasure to speak before the City of Winnipeg’s Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works Committee this morning in favour of Old Kildonan Councillor Devi Sharma’s motion to have the city look into the feasibility of a bicycle and pedestrian pathway along a Manitoba Hydro right of way just west of McPhillips Street. We received positive feedback from all members of the public works committee, and will be rolling out opportunities for public input into this exciting project over the next couple of months.

McPhillips Greenway: a Northwest Bishop Grandin Greenway

The McPhillips Greenway would build separated bicycle and pedestrians pathways along a hydro right of way that runs parallel to McPhillips Street from just north of the McPhilips Street Casino, passing by Seven Oaks Hospital before  continuing beyond the Perimeter Highway. From McPhillips Street Station, the Greenway would include a grade separated crossing of the CPR Yards and CPR La Rivierre rail lines leading to a trail through Stanley Knowles Park to tie in with the Alexander Bikeway via Winks.

The McPhillips Greenway has potential similar to that of the Bishop Grandin Greenway

The McPhillips Greenway has potential similar to that of the Bishop Grandin Greenway

A Northwest version of the Bishop Grandin Greenway?

Serving an area that has very few roadways with cycling specific infrastructure, the McPhillips Greenway is envisioned as a major spine in the City’s planned cycling network. Much like the Bishop Grandin Greenway in the south end of the city, the McPhillips Greenway has the potential to offer cyclists a route substantially removed from traffic.

View a full discussion paper here (9MB high resoluton pdf) or here (1MB low res pdf).

  • Highlights:
    • Creates a cycling connection into the northwest of the city
      • Currently under served in terms of cycling routes
    • Creates a cycling crossing of the CPR main line
    • Excellent connectivity with existing and planned east/west cycling routes
      • Chief Peguis
      • Kingsbury
      • Jefferson
      • Church/Machray
      • Pritchard
      • Alexander/Pacfic/Elgin
    • Potential to Connect/Extend North/South Routes
      • Empress/Burlington North Santa Fe Bikeway
      • Winnipeg Beach Greenway
    • Connects to Many High Value Destinations
[osm_map lat=”49.94″ lon=”-97.169″ zoom=”12″ width=”100%” kml_file=”https://www.bikewinnipeg.ca/wp-content/uploads/maps/McPhillips-Greenway.kml” type=”CycleMap”]

McPhillips Greenway Project (in green)