North Winnipeg Parkway Improvements Backgrounder

The North Winnipeg Parkway links Kildonan Park and the Chief Peguis Trail pathways to St; Juhn’s Park, beneath the Harry Lazarenko (Redwood) Bridge, through Michaëlle Jean Park to Rover and Annabella where it connects with the pathway along Waterfront Drive.

Numerous sections of the existing pathway are substandard, especially between Michaëlle Jean Park and St. John’s Park, and should be upgraded. A $400,000 study to look into options for its improvement is currently scheduled for 2019.

Access Between Harry Lazarenko Bridge & St. Johns Park

North Winnipeg Parkway

A raised pathway beneath the Harry Lazarenko (Redwood) Bridge is planned to fill a critical gap in the North Winnipeg Parkway, but it’s completion has been stalled by the absence of a needed property easement.

A particularly bad section of the pathway is the section of path that leads under the Harry Lazarenko (Redwood) Bridge north to St. John’s Park. This section of the pathway is prone to flooding, isolated, and in poor repair. Improvements to this section of trail have been scheduled since 2009, but have been held back by lack of a property easement north of the bridge.

As this is a critical link in Winnipeg’s cycling network, we feel that the city will have to look at expropriation if it cannot come to terms with the property owners for an easement that would allow for the needed improvements.

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