Protected Bike Lanes on Boulevard Provencher Boulevard

By Steve West

On Thursday, June 22, the City of Winnipeg will host an open house in its third round of public consultations on protected bike lane infrastructure on boulevard Provencher Boulevard under the St. Boniface to Downtown Walk Bike Project.

Bike Winnipeg supports this project and the City’s design as a critical part of the east-west connectivity from rue Archibald Street to The Forks and Downtown. Here are some key considerations about the project and bike lanes in general:

  • City Council has made huge strides in building transportation equity among those who travel by automobile and those who do not
  • The City has conducted thorough, extensive consultation with the community; currently, it is conducting the third phase of consultations on this particular project
  • Studies show that when infrastructure is geared to all modes of transportation, there is an increase in business. Cyclists are more likely to be local and be a client. If biking vs traveling by car, customers will have more money to spend on businesses.
  • Protected bike infrastructure is in everyone’s interest; it helps to balance the needs of all users and reduces conflicts/collisions between cyclists, pedestrians, and automobiles
  • The City has shown adaptability in accommodating specific needs when designing such factors as entryways to roadways and placement of “road furniture” such as flower boxes and other road/sidewalk beautification

Don’t just take our word for it, though. A recent CBC article highlights the benefits of bike lanes:

1. Bike lanes can boost retail sales

2. Bicyclists can be big spenders 

3. Bike lanes can boost urban home values 

4. Bike lane projects create more jobs than roads alone

5. Bike lanes attract talented workers and tech companies

Link to CBC article: https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/biking-lanes-business-health-1.5165954

We’re calling on Bike Winnipeg members and friends in the broader community to do two things:

  • Show your love for Provencher businesses. Visit them by bike or on foot and tell them how important this project is to you. 
  • Attend the City’s public consultation:

Date: Thursday, June 22, 2023

Time: 6 pm – 8 pm

Location: Notre Dame Recreational Centre, 271 av. de la Cathedrale Avenue

Format: Drop-in (come and go)

If you can’t attend, please visit the City’s Engage Winnipeg site and fill out the survey.

Link to Provencher Bike Lanes project public engagement page: https://engage.winnipeg.ca/stboniface-walk-bike?tool=qanda