Transcona Trail Extension

The Trasncona Trail was one of the biggest projects included in the 2010 Federal Stimulus Fund Package. It runs 6.7km from the Perimeter Highway across the northern limit of Transcona before veering southwest to follow the CEMR rail line to Regent Ave, where it ends.

This leaves people with the choice of continuing their ride along Regent Ave and its six plus lanes of traffic, or turning around and heading back to wherever they cam from. Not many choose to continue down Regent Ave. The lack of any safe, direct connection between the southern end of the Transcona Trail and St. Boniface is one of the biggest barriers to cycling in the city.

Thankfully, plans are in the works to close this gap in the city’s bike network.

Plans to extend the Transcona Trail south across Regent Ave to Panet Rd will make a huge difference for people biking into or out of Transcona while providing much needed access to shopping within Transcona.

Trancona Trail Extension to Provide Safe Crossings of Regent and Lagimodiere

The Transcona Trail Extension Project will construct a multi-use path to extend the Transcona Trail from its existing termination at Regent Avenue West to Panet Road. The design will include a crossing connection at Regent Avenue to access the path extension.

This project was approved for multiple year funding in the 2017 Pedestrian and Cycling Program of the Capital Budget. A preliminary study was completed in 2016 and more detailed design work is taking place throughout 2017, which includes land negotiations.

From Panet Road, it is hoped that the pathway would connect up with an all ages and abilities bikeway to be built as part of the Eastern Rapid Transit Corridor. The Eastern Corridor Study, currently underway, aims to determine routing for the Eastern Rapid Transit Corridor and Pathways.

In the meantime, the most likely connection from Panet Road to the Downtown is via Mission St and Notre Dame St to Tache Ave and the Esplanade Riel Walk/Bike Bridge into The Forks. To facilitate the connection to MIssion St, we are recommending that the city include a pathway connection from the planned western terminus of the pathway at Panet Road to Mission St. The city has an easement for a pathway along the eastern side of Panet Road for just this purpose, so an extension of the pathway south to Mission St should be a fairly simple addition to any construction contract.

Key Candidate Commitments

  • Commit to Completion of the Transcona Trail Extension Project as currently planned in 2019
  • Commit to an Extension of the planned Transcona Trail Extension south to Mission St. along the east side of Panet Rd through an existing easement.

More Information

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