Wolseley/Westminster/Balmoral/Granite Bikeway Backgrounder

As part of the 2018 Pedestrian and Cycling Program Action Plan, the city awarded a contract for the Study and Design of the Wolseley to Downtown Corridor in June of 2018.

This study will develop an all ages and abilities pedestrian and cycling  connection from the Wolseley neighbourhood to the Downtown. The resulting design will connect:

  • to the Omand Park path at Raglan Road/Wolseley Avenue at the west;
  • east/west through Wolseley Avenue/Westminster Avenue, Balmoral Street, and Granite Way; and
  • to the half-signal at Osborne Street at the east.

The Wolseley to Downtown Corridor Study will develop plans for walking and cycling improvements needed for an all ages and abilities walking and cycling corridor from Omand’s Park to the Walk/Bike Crossing at the intersection of Osborne and Assiniboine/Granite Way.

Goals of this project are to balance the needs of stakeholders and transportation system users to improve travel choices, accessibility and connectivity within the Wolseley neighbourhood and to the Downtown. The developed pedestrian and cycling corridor design should:

  • allow people of all ages and abilities to safely walk or bike east/west along the corridor from the Wolseley neighbourhood to downtown/future potential Osborne to Downtown Walk Bike Bridge;
  • provide infrastructure that will support, encourage and increase the number of students walking or biking to school; and
  • start and end at logical and safe locations such that new gaps in the network are not created.

School Travel Planning will be incorporated into the planning process for the Wolseley to Downtown Walk/Bike Corridor, however the creation of School Travel Plans is not included in the contract.

Requested Candidate Commitments

  1. Commit to Construction of the Recommended Wolseley to Downtown Pedestrian/Cycling Corridor Design by the end of the next term of Council.

More Information

2018 Pedestrian and Cycling Program Action Plan (City of Winnipeg)