Lets Talk Winnipeg

Lets Talk Winnipeg

Let the City Know More Money is Needed for Pedestrian and Bike Network

On November 30th, the City of Winnipeg rolled out its public engagement process for the 2016 Budget, Lets Talk Winnipeg.This is a great opportunity for people who bike to let the city know that we want to see a much larger investment into the implementation of the city’s pedestrian and cycling network.

Currently, there are three ways for you to get engaged in the Lets Talk Winnipeg process.

  1. Fill out an online survey here. You;ll need to add comments to state your desire form a larger investment to complete the pedestrian and cycling networks.
  2. Cast votes on the All Your Ideas question of the week.There are a number of bicycle friendly options in the week 1 question, and a couple of bike/transit friendly options in the week 2 question. Options show up randomly, so you may not see a bike specific option right away, but each vote will change your options. When viewing two options that you like/dislike, click on I can’t decide and you will be given the option of liking both ideas or liking neither idea. You can also add in your own ideas.
  3. Post your wishes for the budget on Instagram (letstalkwpg) or Twitter (#letstalkwinnipeg). You can also email ideas to info@letstalkwpg.ca.

Please take the opportunity to request increased funding for the implementation of the pedestrian and cycling strategies, and continue to check into the site from time to time to cast votes for the weekly All Your Ideas question.