Locking your bike correctly to keep it safe from thieves

While even the best locked bikes are vulnerable to theft, a good lock(s) paired with a good bike rack can vastly reduce the chances your favourite ride will go missing.

Here a few tips to help keep your bike safe:

  • Choose a well lit site with a good tack to lock up to.
    • Sites in front of windows with good foot traffic are ideal
    • A good rack should provide two points of contact with your bike frame
    • Test the rack to make sure it is secure before locking your bike
  • A good U-Lock combined with a cable is recommended
    • If you can remove the front wheel and get your U-Lock around the rack, your bike frame, and both wheels, that’s best
    • Next best is to lock the back wheel and frame to the rack with one U-Lock, using a second lock for front wheel
    • Next best is to loop a cable through your front wheel and your U-Lock, and then lock the back wheel and frame to the rack.
  • Take any removable items (seat, lights, …) with you
  • Test your lock before you leave to make sure that it is indeed locked

Don’t forget that you should be locking your bike if its stored in your garage or a shed as well. Your bike can disappear from an open garage in seconds.