Priorities for Cycling Infrastructure

Bike Winnipeg sent a letter to Mayor and Council this week recommending priorities for cycling infrastructure in the upcoming budget:

Based on our experience riding on Winnipeg streets, and talking to many of the people who ride with us, we believe that the City will get the best return on investment by concentrating initial cycling infrastructure investments in:

  • Creating a network of high-quality protected bike lanes downtown,
  • Establishing bicycle arterials along key corridors to provide complete routes as far out to the suburbs as possible, and
  • Fixing gaps in existing routes that connect major destinations.

These priorities are identified with relatively moderate capital costs in the Pedestrian and Cycling strategy.  They would serve many commuting / business / shopping / entertainment needs of a large number of people who live in the denser neighbourhoods of the city, and would improve the efficient flow of people during peak traffic periods.

As a secondary priority, we recommend that the City invest in:

  • Neighbourhood greenways that provide access to the proposed spine network as well as links within and between suburban communities
  • Key corridor studies required for development of the network
  • Engage in neighbourhood based community public consultation to carry out all recommended projects.

The full letter, listing specific projects, is posted here.