Pembina Hwy Protected/Buffered Bike Lanes Backgrounder

Since 2008, the City of Winnipeg has been installing buffered bike lanes along Pembina Highway as part of routine rehabilitation work on the roadway funded through the Regional Street Renewals Program. To date, sections of buffered bike lane have been installed (or are being installed) along the following stretches of Pembina Hwy:

  • Jessie Ave to Grant Ave (scheduled for completion in 2019)
  • Harrow St to Point Road (as part of the Pembina Underpass Rehabilitation project)
  • Chevrier Ave/Crescent Dr to Plaza Dr
  • University Cr to Markham Rd
  • Chancellor Matheson Rd to Dalhousie Dr/Bairdmore Blvd
  • Bairdmore Blvd/Dalhousie Dr to De Vos Rd
  • De Vos Rd to Cloutier Dr (shared use path beneath the South Perimeter Highway Overpass)
  • Cloutier Dr to South of Ducharme Ave

The city has been installing buffered bike lanes on Pembina Hwy since 2008 as part of routine roadway rehabilitation work.

The addition of buffered (or preferably protected) bike lanes on Pembina Hwy is backed key recommendations in the Complete Communities Policy Document[1] and Pedestrian and Cycling Strategies[2].

Current forecasts of rehabilitation work in the Regional Streets Renewal Program and Accelerated Regional Streets Renewal Program call for rehabilitation work on the following stretches of Pembina Hwy:

  • Des Trappistes to Ducharme Ave (2021)
  • McGillivray Ave to Chevrier Ave (2022)
  • Pembina Hwy Overpass (2022 & 2023)

That will leave gaps in the buffered/protected bike lanes along the following stretches of Pembina Hwy:

  • Grant Ave to Harrow St
  • Point Rd to McGillivray Ave
  • Plaza Dr to University Cr (should be included in Pembina Hwy Overpass rehabilitation)
  • Markham Rd to Chancellor Matheson Rd
  • Des Trappistes to Turnbull Dr

Complete Installation of Buffered/Protected Bike Lanes Along Pembina Hwy

We are asking candidates in the Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry, River Heights-Fort Garry, Waverley West, and St. Norbert-Seine River wards to commit to:

  1. Continue installing buffered/protected bike lanes along Pembina Hwy as part of the Regional Streets Renewal Programs;
  2. Commit to the inclusion walking and cycling improvements as part of the forthcoming Pembina Hwy Overpass (Bishop Grandin) Rehabilitation Project.
    1. Preliminary Design Currently Scheduled for 2020
    2. Detailed Design Currently Scheduled for 2021
    3. Construction Currently Scheduled for 2022 & 2023.
  3. Commit to Closing the Remaining Gaps in the Buffered/Protected Bike Lanes Along Pembina Hwy.

[1] City of Winnipeg, Complete Communities Policy Direction Document. 2011. Winnipeg – Regional Mixed Use Centres – Direction 1 (pg. 46) “Create strong, multi-modal and transportation linkages from each Regional Mixed Use Centre to Downtown, other Centres, Corridors, Parks and major attractions.”
[2] City of Winnipeg, Pedestrian and Cycling Strategies. 2015. Pg. 154-155, Winnipeg